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Shirt Care

Your Jonathan Mezibov shirt is made from high-quality fabric and will last for many years if cared for properly. Follow the guidelines below to keep your shirt looking new. 

For cashmere blend, linen, and silk shirts, dry cleaning is recommended. For cotton shirting, please refer to the general guidelines below.


Home Laundering

1. Always follow your shirt's care instructions.

2. Before washing, undo all of the buttons to lessen the strain on the stitches.

3. Be sure to remove any collar stays to maintain the integrity of the collar.

4. Turn the shirt inside out to protect the mother-of-pearl buttons and allow the detergent to better access any underarm stains.

5. Wash with similar colors in cold water on gentle cycle.

6. Dry the shirt on a hanger and lightly stretch and smooth the collar, cuffs and front placket with your hands.

7. Your shirt may also be tumble dried on low.

8. If ironing is desired, use a dry iron (no steam) and set the iron's temperature dial to "cotton".

Dry Cleaners 

If you send your shirts out to be cleaned, remove any collar stays and ask if "hand laundering" is available. This service will protect your shirt from the harsher treatment and higher heat often associated with commercial laundering. In addition, ask your cleaners for a light press and no starch. Alternatively, your shirt can be dry cleaned.


Since we use only high-quality cotton, your shirt will shrink slightly during its first few washes. However, there is no need to purchase a larger size to allow for fabric shrinkage. We have already taken shrinkage into consideration in the design of our shirts. For this reason, the actual collar measurement on a new Jonathan Mezibov shirt may be up to 1/2" larger and the sleeves up to 3/4" longer than the sizes stated in our size charts. As a result, you can feel confident ordering your normal shirt size. 


Still have questions? Please contact us anytime.