Perfect White Shirt Event


Champagne, Macarons & White Shirts

That's the winning formula for a fun Ladies' Night in our book. Menswear isn't just for men, as evidenced by our company a few weeks ago at our Perfect White Shirt Event. Sure, the focus was on white shirts, but each guest worked with us to design a custom white shirt that was truly her own. (Thanks to Macaron Bar in Over-the-Rhine for making our night delicious!)

We measured, went through our selection of fabrics, and debated on collar styles. Then the fun began, as we sorted through button and thread samples. A basic white shirt is anything but when you customize it with a contrasting thread on the button holes and match it with a colorful mother-of-pearl button. Orange was a popular accent color, perhaps showing off some Cincinnati Bengals style. (This was before the big game, that may have turned some fair weather fans away.)

Are you interested in your own custom white shirt? Join us in the store at 1421 Vine Street until the end of the month. We'll take your measurements and help you create what is sure to be your go-to shirt. Want to host your own Ladies' Night? Send us a message. We'd love to help you plan an event in our store. And we're happy to come to your location as well, any time of the year. Your friends (and your closet) will thank you.