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Love of craft, passion and integrity are at the heart of every item we offer.


Jonathan Mezibov's mission is to make the best shirts on the market—luxury shirts of the highest quality and value. To that end, we utilize the finest materials and partner with exceptionally skilled artisans to craft our small batch shirts. In addition, because we sell direct to consumer via our online store, we are able to eliminate high retail markups. We offer the best value in luxury shirts.

But while superior quality and value are integral to our mission, the treatment of those individuals who make our products is equally important. We believe that luxury and integrity need never be mutually exclusive.

We have therefore chosen to work with manufacturers in Italy and the United States, two countries with high labor standards. Further, we have personally visited all of our partner factories and maintain ongoing relationships with them. For almost certainly, the integrity of a product stems not just from its craftsmanship, but from how the craftspeople themselves are treated. As a result of this conviction, we are able to offer our luxury shirts with great pride. 


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