Off-the-Rack or Made-to-Measure?

Jonathan Mezibov

Posted on January 12 2016


We're Proud To Offer Both


Truth be told, there's nothing like a shirt that is made just for you. It's not just the measurements, either, but collar and cuff style, fabric and button selection, even the color of thread. A made-to-measure shirt is truly your own. When we measure for a custom shirt, we go well beyond the standard neck size and take extensive measurements and will ask you questions about how you will wear your shirt. Is it for layering? In a formal setting? Will you wear it untucked? A Jonathan Mezibov custom shirt is not just made for your body, but for how you'll wear it.

That may leave you wondering why we launched a line of ready-made. Could a shirt that is made for many really be perfect for you? The answer is yes. Each season, we'll keep a few classic fabrics in our line, like the steadfast blue Oxford, while adding of-the-moment colors and prints. Our buttons are always true mother-of-pearl, and the thread and stitching is of the utmost quality. Collar styles and cuff styles vary with the season, although you can tell a Jonathan Mezibov shirt by the signature tab cuff. We design these ready made shirts with our clients in mind, understanding that a shirt is not just a shirt, but the workhorse of the closet.

We realize that sizing can be tricky, too. That's why our line has three distinct fits, Classic, Tailored and Slim, so that you can find a shirt that fits your body just about perfectly, whether it's a white shirt that will hail a bowtie, or a twill western shirt made for a night on the town.

You'll never regret the investment in a custom shirt. But we welcome you to explore our ready-to-wear line. We're proud to offer the superior quality and fabrics of our made-to-measure shirts in our fall and winter ready-made collection. Come in to our pop-up shop this month and see for yourself.


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