New Year's Eve Eve

Jonathan Mezibov

Posted on December 28 2015


It All Starts With The Shirt


New Year's Eve: More than just another day on the calendar, although it starts with an ordinary sunrise, it is a day filled with anticipation, and ends with fireworks -- and the promise of a fresh start.

It's the reason for parties, formal galas and fun get-togethers. It's the reason for sparkle and shine, razzle and dazzle. It's the fond remembrance of something old, as we prepare to celebrate all that is to be.

It's a great day to get all gussied up and buttoned down. And it all starts with a shirt. For us, a shirt signifies the start of something new: a new store in OTR, where we celebrate a passion turned business, and a new beginning in a neighborhood we've called home for quite a while. We're excited to see all that 2016 has in store for us.

For you, a shirt can also be the start of it all. It is the cornerstone of the wardrobe, a workhorse of the closet. A new shirt can be the start of an upgraded wardrobe or a welcome addition to a closet full of classics.

Do you need some help with your New Year's Eve look? Stop by and learn where to start -- with a shirt. Join us for a pre-dinner drink and nibble on New Year's Eve's Eve and let's plan an ensemble that starts with a shirt. Our Winter Sale will be in full-swing.

We'll be celebrating on Wednesday, December 30th from 5-9. Join us!


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