The Basics. Elevated.

Fall/Winter 2015


Our fall line is based on the classics, basics that every well-dressed man should have in his wardrobe. The workhorses of the closet, the white and blue shirt, cover just about every possible occasion. Our prints are simple—classic, yet on trend. We’ve added pops of purple, color that is eye-catching without overwhelming, that adds to the sophisticated detail of each shirt.

We’ve provided you with options that you will wear now, and will wear forever. Our selection of colors, fabrics and details were most deliberate for the fall season. While each and every shirt stands on its own, each is also made for wear for just about every occasion throughout the fall and winter season, true wardrobe keystones.

This fall, layering continues to be the name of the fashion game for men. The trick is adding layers without adding bulk, and maintaining a look that is crisp and balanced. This is where the details of your shirt really start to matter and where your classic wardrobe pieces really get to work.

Our shirt collars are designed to give structure to your outfit in every season. But put on a crew neck sweater or tweed sport jacket and that is where they really shine. We crowned our shirts with a higher collar stand that beautifully frames the face and smartly holds the collar up under sweaters and blazers. The shirts may be basics, but the details are most assuredly not.